We provide objective clinical evaluations of dual-disorders, substance use disorders, attention, mood and anxiety disorders that may require a primary inpatient or outpatient treatment program, including TMS


TMS is now available. When recommended, inpatient and outpatient programs are also available through BoardPrep Recovery Center, where Dr. Derek Robben serves as the full-time Medical Director and Dr. Jamie Fernandez serves as Medical Director of Mental Health Programs. We provide TMS treatment to BoardPrep Recovery patients as well.

Follow Up

Upon completion of primary treatment through one of the programs offered for dual-disorders, substance use disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, patients are encouraged to continue their recovery by staying engaged with STP.

South Tampa Psychiatry, TMS & BoardPrep Recovery

Good results come from good clinical processes that encourage long-term engagement. Since psychiatric illnesses and dual-disorders are chronic and complex, treatment fails when it is overly simplistic and "one-size-fits-all."

A fluid and effective continuity-of-care approach dramatically improves results. Expert evaluation at the beginning, ongoing re-evaluation throughout the course of the treatment program and robust follow-up over time brings about the best long-term results.

South Tampa Psychiatry offers objective clinical evaluations. If a treatment program is recommended and BoardPrep Recovery is not a good fit for any reason, a good alternative referral will be provided.

BoardPrep Recovery and South Tampa Psychiatry offers a highly personalized approach to recovery with all private rooms, more individualized attention and the ability to keep your doctor and therapist (for long-term follow-up) after primary treatment is completed.

Next Steps...

Making the decision to get help can be difficult. Whether the problem is attention, depression, anxiety, alcohol, prescriptions or other drugs, lasting recovery is possible. Treatment works best when driven by experienced professionals who bring together the individual and family to develop a specialized care plan. If you are concerned about your own or someone else’s substance use or mental health disorder, call for a complimentary phone consultation today. We are not a call-center. A licensed clinician will assist you personally, even during evenings and on weekends.