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Clinical excellence leads to better results. Enhanced evaluation processes, personalized treatment plans and meticulous follow-up are the not-so-secret sauce of BoardPrep and South Tampa Psychiatry.

Our Story

High volume, for-profit rehabs, as well as insurance-driven, hospital-based programs and institutions dominate the treatment field. These approaches are limited in their ability to affect recovery.  Poor outcomes are stigmatizing for the individual and the recovery community. John Harden and Liz Harden established BoardPrep Recovery Center and South Tampa Psychiatry with a single mission, to provide the most engaging and effective experience possible for each person, utilizing the latest treatment knowledge and technology available.

From day one, South Tampa and BoardPrep patients enjoy a more personalized and engaging experience. Our size and great location, as well as the staff and programming are all carefully selected to facilitate long-term engagement and better results.

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